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Use Passive Income to Meet Your Ideal Living Costs

May 7, 2019

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Property managers know how essential lighting is for a property’s curb appeal and tenant safety. It’s essential for attracting new tenants and maintaining market rate rent prices. Outdoor lighting is a great tool for helping your building stand out from the competition...

Transparency in rental property marketing is key to keeping vacancies at a minimum

When it comes to marketing your rental properties, transparency is the best policy. Quickly and efficiently filling rental vacancies is all about attracting tenants who know exactly...

Attracting tenants to an apartment is easier when the property’s exterior is appealing with well-lit entryways and walkways, nicely manicured green spaces, and well-maintained common areas. Potential tenants gauge the building’s exterior as an indicator of quality and...

Whether you’re planning a one-time move to a new apartment in the near future, or you’re a peripatetic professional whose job requires relocating every 18 months or so, acclimating to a new place can take time. But there are measures you can take to shorten the adjustm...

Many homeowners planning to move to a new home choose to rent out their current home rather than put it on the market to sell decide to go the rental route for the monthly income source or because the house isn’t market-ready just yet.

Whatever your reason for renting o...

Spring is just around the corner, and as the winter chill gives way to the springtime thaw, landlords, property managers, and tenants will begin the annual spring cleaning ritual.

That means reviewing trouble areas left by winter storms, checking for recurring maintenan...

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