Frequently asked questions

Who is Mynd?

Mynd Property Management serves the small residential sector with a combination of on-the-ground experts and technology in a variety of locations throughout California and Washington.

Why are we merging with Mynd?

We decided to partner with Mynd because they have a great team and have invested deeply in technology that we believe can ultimately provide a better service. Our team is very excited about this and will be joining their team to continue to grow and provide great service.

When is it happening?

The deal closed in late April and will be formally announced mid May. Please keep the news confidential until that time.

What does this mean for me?

Everything remains the same for now. Your property manager and points of contact, the repairs and maintenance process, contract and fees, distributions, etc., remain unchanged. In the coming months, we will do some light integration work with you to set you up on our new Mynd system.

Can I expect the same service?

You will continue to experience the same high level of service.

Does this expand your geographic coverage?

After we integrate with Mynd, we will offer broader geographic coverage providing you access to fully managed, income-generating properties in markets with strong employment and rental growth. Investing in residential property out of state will be easy. Our areas of operation will include: Atlanta Phoenix San Francisco Bay Area Dallas Portland, Ore. Seattle Denver Reno, Nev. Tampa Houston Sacramento Tucson Las Vegas San Antonio Vancouver, Wash. Orange County San Diego

Do I keep my current property manager?


Will fees remain the same?

Yes, exactly the same

Will leasing and repairs and maintenance work the same way?

Yes, exactly the same way

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